Friday, May 25, 2007

Teixeira Trade Talk

MLB Trade Rumors on the potential availability of Mark Teixeira via trade:

The Dodgers I see as a strong player. James Loney plus one of their top-rated starting pitching prospects and it's a done deal. I'm not sure Nomar can handle third base these days, but I don't see that problem preventing a trade.

Hey, when we said FREE JAMES LONEY, we didn't mean it like that. Although Loney is from Texas....

Also, a MLBTR blurb on Eric Gagne as another Ranger trade candidate.


end interleague play said...

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Rob said...


1) Has MLB Trade Rumors ever been right about anything?

2) Thank you, some of us couldn't care less about interleague play.

Orel said...

MLBTR (11/06) predicts Juan Pierre to the Dodgers (among other hits and misses)