Monday, May 21, 2007

Sure, Tony, Your Mom Loves the Soaps

From Tony Jackson's blog:

Four Brewers players -- pitchers Jeff Suppan and Chris Capuano, infielder J.J. Hardy and outfielder Bill Hall -- will tape a segment tomorrow for an episode of Young & the Restless scheduled to air on June 20. For those of you who watch regularly, they are playing themselves, Brewers players appearing at a political rally for Jack Abbott. (My mom is a HUGE fan of the show). The show is set in the fictional town of Genoa City, which I guess is supposed to be in Wisconsin, which is why Brewers players would be attending a political rally there. Yet for some reason, no one on the show speaks with a Wisconsin accent.

The Dodgers are even getting out-Hollywooded by the Brewers. Let's hope the Brewers are too busy getting ready for their close-ups to pay attention tonight.


Eric Karros said...

Yeah Tony, if you're a Young & the Restless fan, that's cool...we aren't here to judge -

Steve Sax said...

Nice headline...