Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trolley Dodger Shares Wisdom

From The Trolley Dodger, some things to remember as we complain about our first-place team (posted yesterday):

Top 9 Trolley Dodger Reasons Why You Should Remember To Breathe.

1. Your failure to understand the logic of or not knowing the full story behind Dodger front office decisions does not mean there is no logic or reason behind those decisions.

2. It doesn’t matter if you have a subscription to Baseball America, obsessively monitor the news feeds, refresh the forums every 5 minutes, and Read Every Blog: you don’t know everything, and there is always more to the story than the public knows.

3. Does this mean the Dodger front office is always right? Absolutely not. But then, neither are you.

4. The Dodgers are hovering in first place in a dogfight division. We are likely to fall out of first place. If we do, we are likely to get back into first place. Jumping off a cliff in the interim is a bad idea — what are you, Cub fans?

5. Choosing dependable vets (yes, even dependably mediocre) over untested kids at the beginning of the season is insurance, not veteran deference, and definitely not willful obstinacy.

6. If our outfield on opening day was, say, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, and Jason Repko, we’d be one injury or slump away from the 2005 season. You remember 2005, right?

7. The Dodgers do not, as one poster opined today, have the second worst front office in baseball behind only the Rockies. Ask a Colorado fan how it is with a really bad front office and get back to me.

8. The Yankees will not trade A-Rod for Brett Tomko, Wilson Betemit, and every other Dodger player you hate.

9. It’s May 22nd, and it’s a beautiful day outside.


Rob said...

What a pantload. If Gonzalez is "insurance", why aren't the Dodgers trying to make payments by finding out whether Kemp can play at the major league level?