Monday, May 14, 2007

AvB Update 6: Pucker Up!

If you had to kiss your sister, would you rather she looked like Rachel Bilson or, say, Grover Cleveland (visual reference provided below)? For those who answered "whichever one's up for it!", well, you're in luck. Both did some figurative sister smooching this weekend as Week 6 of Abes vs Babes ended in a 4-4 tie.

Here're the scoreboards, both Week 6-only and cumulative:

Week 6 Only:
The Abes The Babes
Avg 0.257 0.235
Runs 26 20
HRs 4 6
RBIs 23 24
SBs 0 4
ERA 4.23 3.34
Wins 2 1
Saves 0 0
Ks 36 25
Total 4 4
The Abes The Babes
Avg 0.256 0.263
Runs 138 127
HRs 20 22
RBIs 112 109
SBs 9 21
ERA 4.77 4.15
Wins 4 10
Saves 0 0
Ks 130 158
Total 2 6

The Abes are starting to show they can hang, but the Babes are still winning comfortably in the overall contest both by Stat Categories (6-2) and Weeks Won (4-1-1).

It also looks like "the game within the game" - Andrew Johnson vs Penelope Cruz - has added another stirring chapter. When we last left the saga after Week 4, Penelope was sitting pretty and dare I say getting a little cocky. But Week 6 took her down a peg as Nelson and Jose Cruz each batted an identically pathetic 0.143, while Oakland's Dan Johnson hit a whopping 0.545 with 3 HR, 10 Runs, and 6 RBI's to win this week's AvB Player of the Week award. Advantage: Andrew.


Rob said...

I wanted to smack my sister in the kisser. Does that count?

Eric Karros said...

Rob, not sure what issues you & your sister have, but if she looks anything like Grover Cleveland, I'd be careful. She could probably take you.

Steve Sax said...

On the day after the free lipstick giveaway at Dodger Stadium, you're inciting people to pucker up. Somewhere, Jamie McCourt thanks you, EK.

Another great column!