Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vote For Russell! Voix Pour Le Russell!

For once, I agree with the propaganda posting that is Inside the Dodgers (MLB). Russell Martin deserves to go to the 2007 All-Star Game. And we need to get him there.

Here are the results of All-Star Game voting, as of 5/29/07 (first release of votes):

  • 1. Lo Duca, P., Mets, 339,527
  • 2. McCann, B., Braves, 288,491
  • 3. Estrada, J., Brewers, 255,884
  • 4. Martin, R., Dodgers, 198,914

Now, I'm not a Paulie-hater. But we gotta get Russell up to fill that 90K-vote gap to at least slot in at second place. For pete's sake, that guy is throwing himself over fences for our team (see the last two paragraphs in the story). The least we can do is vote him in.

Voix Pour Le Russell is now the #2 campaign of SoSG, right behind FREE JAMES LONEY (would that sound as good in French?)


Damon said...

Lets do a write in for James Loney at first

Rob said...

Russ Martin is actually outproducing the vaunted Joe Mauer ($) as measured by VORP, though that has a lot to do with playing time. (Mauer has been sidelined a good deal of the year with foot issues, IIRC.) Looking at VORPr ($ again), he's still the best catcher in the NL; Martin does it all, hitting, stealing, and calling a fine game. If he isn't in the All-Star game, the voters need to be shot. Oh, wait...

Orel said...


Anonymous said...

I use to love Paul Lo Duca, but how can you like him now. With what he said after the playoffs regarding the Dodgers.

Orel said...

You mean "Fuck the Dodgers"?

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean for you to spell it out. Thanks. All I have to say is Fuck La Doca.