Monday, May 07, 2007

Dodgers Outfield Gets Props (No, This Is Not A Joke)

Overlooking the rag arm of Luis Gonzalez and misplayed balls of Juan Pierre, Jerry Crasnick of recently gave high marks to the Dodgers outfield. Okay, he was speaking of Andre Ethier as one of the best young outfielders in the game, but still. A kind word is a kind word:

3. Andre Ethier, Dodgers

Ethier, who played left field last season, was a strong Rookie of the Year candidate until September, when fatigue and a shoulder injury turned him into a nonfactor down the stretch. Now he's playing right field in Los Angeles, even though prospect Matt Kemp has the higher long-term ceiling at the position. While skeptics contend that Ethier lacks the wheels for center field and the power to be an impact corner man, he's a sound player who has value because of his ability to play all three outfield spots.

If Ethier's power develops, he looks like a guy who could hit .290 with 20 homers, 80-90 RBI and a bunch of doubles every season. Depending on your frame of reference, that either qualifies him as Raul Ibanez redux or J.D. Drew without the monster OBP.

Carlos Quentin of the Diamondbacks and Brad Hawpe of the Rockies were also mentioned in the top five.


Orel said...

Props, not drops?

Damon said...

Now all we need is to get ride of those other two jobbers and let Kemp play.

Rob said...

Well, when players get old enough, you have to prop them up on something, you know. Most folks use a cane, but some like a walker for its stability.

Steve Sax said...

The last Dodger I saw with a walker was Eric Karros over at first (sorry, EK).