Monday, May 07, 2007

Tony Jackson: E-Me

Earlier we documented Tony Jackson taking Grady Little to task for leaving Chin-Hui Tsao in too long in yesterday's game. Jackson has apparently reconsidered his position:

By the way, upon further review, it appears Chin-hui Tsao was a victim of some rotten luck during that fateful seventh inning yesterday (some borderline pitches called balls, some seeing-eye singles). So in hindsight, maybe I shouldn't have been so hard on Grady in today's paper for leaving Tsao in there as long as he did. It's easy to make snap judgements from the safety of the press box. But snap judgements from the corner of the dugout can get a manager fired. Like the players, I whiff once in a while. This was one of those times.

Pretty cool of Jackson to not only review his decision, but also admit a mistake.