Sunday, May 06, 2007

Boffo vs. Da' Bums: Week One

Maybe the people just love that Thomas Haden Church. Spider-Man 3 handily breaks all box office records, making $100 mill more than the next 30 movies combined. (And making $50 more than Delino predicted). The Dodgers run production was more along the lines of Lucky You, as they lost two of three to the Atlanta First Nations. Look for the Dodgers to fare better next week against zombie romp 28 Weeks Later and Georgia Rule (with America's Crack Whore, Lindsay Lohan).

Weekend Top movie Wkend gross ($MM) Dodgers’ runs scored Runs x 3.5 multiplier Wkend winner
May 4-6 SpiderMan3 $148.0 0,4,6 (10) $35.5 Spidey


Orel said...

Not even close!

Steve Sax said...

Yeah, and not even close to a good movie, either.

Steve Sax said...

From the looks of that picture, Tobey Maguire's gained a lot of weight. And is spending too much time in the tanning booth.