Monday, May 07, 2007

AvB Update 5: Abes Win! Abes Win!

Yes, the Abes finally pulled one off! After getting crushed in each of the first four weeks of Abes vs Babes, the Abes stepped up big time and did some crushin' of their own in Week 5. Great hitting from the Indians' Trot Nixon and the Tigers' Craig Monroe coupled with poor pitching by several Babes gave the Abes their first victorious week, 6 categories to 1:

Week 5-Only Scoreboard:
The Abes The Babes
Avg 0.313 0.299
Runs 26 21
HRs 5 1
RBIs 25 13
SBs 2 1
ERA 5.06 6.30
Wins 0 0
Saves 0 0
Ks 17 22
Total 6 1

It was evident the victory provided an enormous lift in the Abes' clubhouse. Said Trot Nixon (an actual quote, not made up):

"It means a lot. I've spoken to a lot of fans who were in desperate need of winning. That's what I wanted to far as it sinking in, it hasn't."

Granted, he was commenting on the Red Sox' 2004 World Series victory, but it's easy to see how Nixon might use similar words to describe the Abes' Week 5 victory. He batted 0.421 with 6 Runs and 8 RBI for the week, while his Abes-mate Craig Monroe hit 0.348 with 3HR, 7R, and 10RBI. For their superb efforts, Nixon and Monroe are named co-AvB Players of the Week, becoming the first Abes to win the prestigious award.

In the overall competition, the Abes actually re-took the lead in two categories (Runs and RBIs) and are back within striking distance of two more (HR and BA). However they still trail in both Stat Categories (5-2) and Weeks Won (4-1):

Cumulative Scoreboard:
The Abes The Babes
Avg 0.256 0.268
Runs 112 107
HRs 16 16
RBIs 89 85
SBs 9 17
ERA 4.93 4.31
Wins 2 9
Saves 0 0
Ks 94 133
Total 2 5

On a sidenote, this month's Maxim cover featuring Roselyn Sanchez - coupled with particularly poor outings this week by the Marlins' Anibal Sanchez (8.5 ERA for the week) and the Giants' Jonathon Sanchez (10.13 ERA) - have brought the Maxim Cover Curse theorists back out of the woodwork.


Steve Sax said...

Maxim cover curse--love it.

Orel said...

Richard Nixon and Roselyn Sanchez would make a fine couple.