Monday, May 06, 2013

Your Dodgers Factoid Of The Day: The Schu Fits

From Jayson Stark's recent column:

Astounding Fact of the Week

Always-entertaining Dodgers utility whiz Skip Schumaker took the mound last week for his second career pitching appearance -- and again hit 90 miles per hour on the local radar guns. Which inspired this fun tidbit, via Brooks Baseball's handy Pitch f/x tool:

• Skip Schumaker since 2007: 46 pitches, hit 90-plus 10 times.

• Barry Zito since 2007: 17,469 pitches, hit 90-plus zero times.

As always, this is a 100 percent true fact -- the only kind we provide at World Rumblings Headquarters.


Steve Sax said...

GT going up shortly. Delayed start time to try and give some mojo.