Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Avoiding the DL: Luck or Good GMing?

Thanks to Johnny Blanchard for passing along this link: Money on the Bench at the New York Times. A description:

A running calculation, updated daily, of what major league baseball teams are paying players who are on the disabled list.

#1, unsurprisingly, is the Yankees, with more than $100 million committed to injured players. #2 is the Dodgers, with almost $70 million, or 31% of their payroll, going to guys who are hurt.

But guess which team is last on the list, i.e., making the most of their resources? Go ahead, just guess! Then click on the link and share your reaction here.

F'n bastards.


Hideo Nomo said...

The clear message of this post is that it's time to start injuring more Giants.

Steve K said...

The scariest part was watching the total amount spent today go up so fast!