Friday, May 17, 2013

Post-Game 40 Thread: Upton Hurl

Upton busts out.

Barves 8, Dodgers 5

Scott Van Slyke out-homered Justin Upton tonight, 2-1. The problem was, Upton had about eleventy men on base when he hit his.

How else was this game disappointing? Well, Ryu was shaky. The defense was all over the place. The bullpen couldn't hold the lead. Kemp, Gonzalez, Gordon, and Ethier (who didn't start) went a combined 0 for 14.

Dodgers lose their sixth straight series opener, and I learned to not talk shit to Chipper Jones.

Photo: SI


Hideo Nomo said...

Gnats lose!

rbnlaw said...

Bright side!!!!

As opposed to the Sammy 12 pack I bought. Lots of mediocre.

spank said...


spank said...

no booze thread on FB? shit. no wonder we lost the game.

Hideo Nomo said...

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye is pretty tasty.

Steve Sax said...

Great photo. Almost a shame to have the next post.

Alex said...

Crawford on pace to have a career high in errors this year. Doesn't he know we have the likes of Puig and another dude that has hit 3 HR this week (not to mention having a sweet stache) chomping at the bit to play everyday?