Monday, May 13, 2013

Post-Game 37 Thread: Short Streak


If you had to isolate one inning tonight which summarized the Dodgers' 2013 season to date, it would have been the fourth inning in tonight's "contest" (and I use that loosely). Josh Beckett had labored through three slow innings, yielding a 4-0 lead to the Nationals through three. Don Mattingly had seen enough and called for reliever Javy Guerra before Beckett could take the seven minutes to throw his 69th pitch. Guerra, who ended up struggling in his second inning of work, actually had a clean fourth inning: three up, three down.

Enter Dee Gordon, who had absurdly tried to bunt his way on to first in the first inning, only to be thrown out 5-3 by at least a step (even with Gordon's speed, the bunt was so bad, he was nailed by a wide margin). This time, in the fourth inning, Gordon swings and lines to center for a single (subtle hint, Dee: STOP BUNTING). With Adrian Gonzalez batting, Gordon steals second and advances to third on the throwing error.

Gonzalez pops out to second baseman Danny Espinosa, whose run into the outfield was such that his back was turned to the plate. Gordon is fast, right? Surely he could score from third after tagging, with the fielder's back turned, right?

Nope. Gordon stood there, a baserunning gaffe which became costly when Matt Kemp proceeded to strike out and Andre Ethier grounded to first. The Dodgers had a man on third with none out, and couldn't score. What more do you need to hear?

Nine hits for the Dodgers and they plated two (only one of which, a Kemp single to left, occurred without costing an out). Ten hits for the Nationals and they plated six (the Dodgers' two errors didn't help any). The Nationals' only scare during this game was a brutal collision between Bryce Harper and the rightfield wall, which was won by the latter (get well soon, Bryce!).

The two-game winning streak is over. And it sure smells like shit.


Orel said...

Nasty. Don't make me bust out the blur filter!

Dusty Baker said...

Beckett reportedly had a groin pain. Must be from all that nut-scribbling his teammates did to him lately.

Steve Sax said...


Now you know why I don't wear my glasses when emptying the hamper.

Dusty Baker said...

Don't get all blurry on us, Orel. This ain't Disneyland!

Orel said...

"Son, you got a groin pain on your head."

Steve Sax said...

Harp lager extinguished. Going for another.

Orel said...

Also, doesn't the picture depict a rather long streak? The likes of which the Dodgers have not known?

Hideo Nomo said...

Oh, they've had long shit streaks.