Tuesday, May 07, 2013

At-Game Recap: Dodger Stadium Dry; Dodgers All Wet (May 6, 2013)

Not a good evening at the ballpark last night, despite the fact that the rain abated for the game and it wasn't all that cold. Attendance was pretty poor: the reserve and top deck levels were largely empty (good time to visit that reserve level playground!), and the Dodgers facilities staff had prepared for a poor turnout by closing a lot of the concession stands. Unfortunately, the Dodgers professional baseball team also prepared for the small turnout by showing up only to make horrible errors in left field and scratch out two sorry runs of offense.

But hey, a visit to Dodger Stadium is always awesome. Here's some photos from last night:

Camacho's Cantina is closed? Dodger Dogs are unavailable? WHERE WILL WE EAT?!?!?!

Here's SoSG AC, standing at the concession stand, hoping it will open up. (If any of you are going to the game tonight, please see if he's still there.)

Ominous clouds lurk, heralding Capuano's return.

As we mentioned from the game last night, the scoreboard operations were a mess. Player profile pictures were zooming in too close (at one point, it looked like we were being attacked by Nick Punto's face); the ball/strike count was off (not to mention behind by a couple of batters). At one point, it got so bad, they had to do revert to 1904-level box score statistics like this:

You can't really make it out, but all it said was the standard R / H / E lines for the two teams. Seems a waste for a screen that large.

Superman was in attendance in the Dugout Club. But where was the propeller on top of his beanie? (To be fair, the hat actually belonged to his kid, who was also dressed in a Superman t-shirt. Bet they're excited for June 14!)

A-Gon, during one of his late strikeouts.

Matt Kemp, who didn't strikeout last night (thankfully), but is about to single to left before inexplicably trying to stretch for second (down four runs at the time), and then getting thrown out at second for out #2. Yay.

SoSG AC drops to 2-2 on the year; SoSG Sax drops to 4-2.

The good news is, even if we lose tonight, we won't set a new 2013 record for longest losing streak of the year (we'll only tie our six-game loss streak from April 14-20). So there's that.


Alex Cora said...

I'm still waiting for my dodger dog.

Hideo Nomo said...

Should we have a contest where people predict when the first win in May will occur?

Steve Sax said...

@Gnomes: Post it!

Hideo Nomo said...

It's going up in a few.