Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Post-Game 50 Thread: Ryu Simply Super


Wow. Simply wow. Hyun-Jin Ryu dominated the Angels tonight, going the distance and shutting out the Angels, allowing only two hits while striking out seven on 113 pitches. He doubled for good measure, but the offensive hero was — whaaaaa? — Luis Cruz, who crushed a two-run home run off old friend Joe Blanton in the fifth.

It's a super night all around, with the Kings advancing to the Western Conference Finals by beating the Sharks and the Dodgers completing the two-game (hey, we'll take it) sweep over Anaheim.

Next up: uh, the Angels again. The Dodgers travel down the freeway for another two-game set. So maybe they just guaranteed the split tonight? Nah, sweep sounds better.


Steve Sax said...

Super PGT, Orel!

Steve Sax said...

CGSHO baby

Steve Sax said...

SF loses!

Dodgers trail AZ by 7.0. It could be worse; all the other last place teams have a wider gap to close.


BJ Killeen said...

I want out of the basement. Someone open the door!

Steve Sax said...

Dodgers now an amazing 3-2 in interleague play. Which for them is truly astonishing given how they've normal fared against the AL

MR.F said...

Call me Sakura because I'm having a huge crush on Ryu right now.