Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dear Reporters: Please Keep Asking Donnie This Question

Given the Dodgers' May, in which none of the 11 games has yet been a save situation entering the ninth, this may be a moot point. But Don Mattingly gave a resounding vote of kinda sorta confidence in calling Brandon League the closer..."for now":

The Dodgers are sticking with Brandon League as their closer, for now.

"For right now he is," manager Don Mattingly said before Monday's series opener against the Nationals. "I hate to say it like that."

League allowed two runs on three hits in the ninth inning Sunday vs. the Marlins in a non-save situation, his third straight appearance allowing at least one run. The right-hander has surrendered 11 runs (10 earned) in his past 11 appearances entering Monday.

Following three scoreless innings in three appearances to begin the season, League's ERA has increased to 6.28. Still, he's converted eight of his nine save chances.

But given League's recent struggles, the Dodgers are considering shuffling roles at the back end of the bullpen.

Of course, changing roles in the 'pen is not so simple, according to the manager. League, setup man Kenley Jansen and Ronald Belisario all lost games last week.

"If we're getting to the ninth consistently and everybody is pitching well and everybody is doing their thing, then it's a lot easier to set a role," Mattingly said.

Mattingly has a point there. I mean, if we could only hit for power, or hit with runners in scoring position, or expect more than three innings from a starter, or get Ronald Belisario to not throw meatballs down the middle, or teach Dee Gordon how to throw from short, or get Andre Ethier back on a positive streak, or get Matt Kemp's shoulder back in swing, or get rid of the dead weight of Luis Cruz and Ramon Hernandez, or have Juan Uribe stop eating--then it's a lot easier to win some games. If only.

Someone, please ask Mattingly that closer question again. Now.


QuadSevens said...

In other HATEable news, Melky Cabrera will be getting a World Series ring today.