Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Little Misdirection Around The Dodgers' Magic?

Tonight's Dodgers game features a stadium giveaway with the Magic T-shirt shown above (t-shirt presented by State Farm). Pretty cool logo, honoring one of our team's new owners, with his name in the Dodgers' logo script.

Except, where might I have seen this design before?

Oh yeah, on a guy who regularly sits near me at the Stadium, who also had a similar idea about a year ago.

Look, I don't know copyright law, so I have no idea if the Dodgers pulled some sleight of hand and swiped the idea from heysix.com; or even if heysix.com was even able to do that shirt design in the first place. I doubt heysix.com has made a lot of money on it.

But throw the heysix.com guy a bone, will you? I'm sure he'll be at tonight's game. Maybe you can give him an extra t-shirt?


spank said...



BJ Killeen said...

Don't open that can of worms or we will have to give back out Deuces Wild shirts to MLB....

Steve Sax said...

Cursive script isn't copyrightable