Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thoughts from the Yard (Game 38)

Kershaw Tosses Pitch #632

Tonight started off on a sour note, and I was worried it could go downhill quickly. Mrs. Dusty chose a poor route to the game, and we got stuck in traffic for what seemed an interminable time. I was pouting like a schoolboy for fear we wouldn't make it in time to get a Matt Kemp bobblehead. When we did arrive, I of course sought liquid solace in the form of a decent beer. Even on the newly-renovated Reserve Level, a good beer is hard to find. Stand after stand had Shock Top, Bud Light, Coors Light, etc. Finally I noted a lone Fat Tire tap, and quickly got in line. The line itself was fairly well organized, with a friendly attendant directing consumers to individual registers. But when I arrived at the register and ordered my beer, I was denied! They said I had to go around the corner to the other part of the (same) stand (the stand is called Elysian Park Grill) and wait in a sub-line to order that particular beer. I begrudgingly sauntered over and ordered the largest Fat Tire they had. However, it turns out that they were only able to serve the beer in one size of cup: a 12oz little plastic cup for the preposterous price of $11.50 -- practically a dollar an ounce! As thirsty and grouchy as I was, and as much of a beer man as I am, I refused and walked away. I finally settled on the old standyby Dos Equis 24oz for $11.50. I doubled my lushiness for half the price, or some such beer math!

After the beer started going down, things got better, as they often do. We sat in the Reserve Level a little more than halfway down our section, with a nice view and great angle to see balls and strikes (I'd rather have said angle than sit on a lower level in many circumstances). I also had a great view of the back of SoSG AC's head. I wasn't planning on seeing him or meeting up with him, but lo and behold there he was taking in the game with some floozie his old man. Things were looking up.

Aside from the beer and the AC sighting, though, Clayton Kershaw ruled the night. As the chatter after the game on Dodger Talk tonight reflected, at this point many Dodger fans are to the point where they mark their calendars for a Kershaw start and go to the Yard that night just to take in the greatness that we are honored to be able to see pitch live. And do so in the way people would plan to see Koufax and Valenzuela. It's that special. Tonight Clay didn't disappoint. Though he had a rocky first inning, he righted the ship and ended up going 8 2/3 shutout innings and winning 2-0, just missing a CGSO and notching his 1,000th inning pitched.

Special shoutouts:
  • AC for the great conversation and dry hump.
  • The fellas sitting in front of us who were visiting Dodger Stadium as part of a baseball vacation. They took turns keeping score the old fashioned way and were really enjoying taking the game in. Despite being Phillies fans, they rooted like crazy for the Dodgers and for Kershaw to have a great night. Very classy, guys; hope you had a great time!
  • SoSG reader Bobby - great to run into you and meet you; thanks for rocking the SOSG t-shirt!
  • SoSG reader John G - heard a rumor you were also in the Yard; sorry I didn't get a chance to check in and say hello.
  • Semi-colons.
All in all, the night turned out much better than it started out. Put it down to the magic of Chavez Ravine. Put me down for an emphatic "W" on the sidebar, guys!

Photo: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images


Orel said...

Nice recap, Dusty! Although I would like to hear Mrs. Dusty's opinion of her "poor route."

Dusty Baker said...

She gave me her opinion after reading this, to be sure.

I can track the route and let readers decide. Hint: I'm right.

spank said...

you could have titled this post "Beer Quest".

Dusty Baker said...


Technically, I could title every self-referencing post "Beer Quest."

Dusty Baker said...

Also Steve K made a special apprarance, though I wasn't able to hook up with him since he was in them faincy seats.

Alex Cora said...

Great to see you too! Looking back up a couple of rows, I had a great view of your...uh...anyways...

Dusty Baker said...

I can't believe my anyways was showing. How embarrassing!

Bobby said...

Hey Dusty- It was great to meet you as well. Thanks to the SoSG shirt, my in-stadium record now stands at 1-5!

Won't be wash that shirt till I see the Dodgers lose again.