Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Matt Kemp's Heart, For the Record

This was everywhere yesterday — VSIMH had it first — and we just wanted it on the SoSG record.

UPDATE from Sax (11:16a): Bill Plaschke actually has a rare, well-written piece on Kemp's gesture in today's LAT:

Somewhere along the line, even as his strength has waned, it seems Kemp has gained perspective.

“I don't think some athletes understand how big it is to be an athlete, what they can do with just a simple gesture of shaking a kid's hand,” Kemp said. “It can make a fan's day. It can make a fan's life.”

Joshua said he was sorry he couldn't shake Kemp's hand, but his limbs are slowly going numb from the tumors. He said he wants to Kemp to know that he nonetheless felt truly touched.

“He's such a nice person,” Joshua said. “He really cares about his fans.”

Kemp shook his head. He said he's the one who has been touched.

“Sometimes I forget how much people look at you as their hero,” he said. “I forget that.”

Matt Kemp has lost his power? Really?


QuadSevens said...

What a guy! Very nice to see that Kemp isn't so consumed with his star status to take a little time and brighten someone's day.

Paul said...

Pretty awesome. I think I'll have to watch this for the rest of the season to keep me off the ledge

Dusty Baker said...

Kemp helping to restore the Dodger Way.

Thanks, Matt, for reminding us what is most important in life.