Thursday, May 09, 2013

Time For Some Levity

The Dodgers' seven-game losing streak getting you down? Take a time out to peruse the tumblr site "textrastrophe,", which was pointed to me via gizmodo.

The basic conceit focuses on people who leave their phone numbers trying to sell a good or service (either using Craigslist or fliers or whatever). This guy starts texting them in a conversation that quickly transitions from business inquiry to total absurdity.

I especially liked this exchange, with a guy who advertised computer repair services:

Look, in times like these, you gotta laugh.


QuadSevens said...

I hated that paper clip guy. Love the texts though.

Dusty Baker said...

Paper Clip Guy = Gnats

rbnlaw said...

Answer sent. said...

my buddy showed me this site today, its fantastic.. dude takes it way to uncomfortably far.. hilarious