Sunday, May 05, 2013

We Want Phil

March, 2013: Magic and Phil "take" a "meeting."

You blew it, Magic.

After yet another humiliating loss to the Giants, it's become clear to us that during spring training Magic Johnson talked to Phil Jackson about leading the Dodgers...then decided there would be no changes and informed Phil via a midnight phone call. Real classy.

Phil Jackson would have been the answer to all our problems.

Imagine Phil in the dugout. Carlos Quentin? Instead of charging the mound, he meditates on his anger. Hanley Ramirez is too busy reading a book to hurt himself. Adrian Gonzalez doesn't run into that ump, because that ump is busy test-driving an Audi.

And the best thing about the Triangle? No bunting.

Yes, we want Phil. Because this season could have been so different.


Dusty Baker said...

Jerry Hairston required stitches over his eye after tripping over a suitcase and falling onto a desk in his hotel room???

Paul said...

I tore my sac downing a bottle of wine straight from the bottle. We are all cursed.

Paul said...

Hey DB when are you going to Boston?

Dusty Baker said...


Week of June 24.

Dusty Baker said...