Saturday, May 04, 2013

L.A.'s Golden Age of Sport Lasted 8 Months

We usually don't have to bust this out until after the All-Star break.

Remember this? Back then, the Dodgers' post-McCourt cash infusion created an air of optimism, the Lakers looked like an all-star team with the additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, the Kings had just won the Stanley Cup and USC had just landed Silas Redd.

Today, the Dodgers are DLing their way to becoming the most expensive bust in baseball history, the Lakers (and Clippers, while we're at it) were just humiliated out of the first round of the playoffs, the Kings have their backs to the wall in the first round of their playoffs, and Matt Barkley is wishing he hadn't returned for one last season.

At least those other teams (sans Clippers) have had their recent share of glory. Right now the Dodgers are headed toward their 25th straight year without a World Series appearance. Prepare yourselves for another long season.


Dusty Baker said...

Come on, Galaxy!

BJ Killeen said...

Swimming in my tears.