Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This Sleeping On The Job Thing Is Catching On

First Keith Hernandez, and now Ken Griffey Jr?

Though he may be 40 years old now, sometimes "The Kid" needs to sleep.

Seattle Mariners star Ken Griffey Jr. missed a chance to enter an unspecified game last week as a pinch hitter because he was asleep in the clubhouse, according to a report from the Tacoma News Tribune.

When pressed following the game as to why he had not used the left-handed slugger as a pinch hitter, Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu was evasive.

But according to two unnamed younger Seattle players who are both fond of Griffey, the future Hall of Famer had fallen asleep.

"He was asleep in the clubhouse," one player told the Tribune. "He'd gone back about the fifth inning to get a jacket and didn't come back. I went back in about the seventh inning -- and he was in his chair, sound asleep."

Bud Selig had better put out a Commissioner's Memo or something, or everyone else is going to fall asleep at baseball games. Perhaps Joe West was on to something. Besides working on his double chin, that is.


Jason said...

I've been in the Mariners clubhouse. They do have some comfy Lazy Boys in there. Plus, I heard they left Matlock playing on the TV.

Kyle Baker said...

I'm an old man. I hate everything but Matlock!

Fred's Brim said...

The Mariners' hitting will do that

Nostradamus said...

I plan to honor this tradition by taking a "conference call" in my office this afternoon.