Saturday, March 31, 2007


Via Dodger Thoughts comes a fine analysis of the Dodgers' Opening Day roster as well as a reaction from James Loney from this AP article:

Manager Grady Little acknowledged that Loney didn't take the news of his demotion well.

"This kid had a great spring for us and he played well for us last season," Little said. "In most cases, when you option a guy down to Triple-A, you have some things you want him to work on and get better at. In his case, we're going to be looking for the opportunity to get him back up here."

Hey James: The Dodgers were smart enough to promote Matt Kemp, so there's hope yet. Keep that bat and glove sharp and we'll be seeing you sooner than you can say "under-appreciated future franchise cornerstone."


Steve Sax said...

I agree that Loney got screwed. One of SoSG's themes this season will be the "Promote James Loney" campaign...

...But if "free james loney" means we trade him, we're gonna be pissed.

Orel said...

FREE JAMES LONEY FROM TRIPLE-A wouldn't look as good on a T-shirt.

Steve Sax said...

The more I think about this headline, the more I think Ned Colletti might give James Loney away for free.


Rob said...

FREE JAMES LONEY! Get one with a purchase of every three washed-up major league veterans! Act now! Operators are standing by!

Lasorda said...

I agree that we should call it the "Promote James Loney" campaign. Not only might Trader Neddie get the wrong idea, the Sons wouldn't want to give some other team the idea that Loney was available.

Man, the more I think about the Pierre and Nomar signings. . . Rrrrrrr.