Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Josh Rawitch just blew our minds. From an Inside the Dodgers post from last night:

Meanwhile, here's a nifty stat we came up with tonight...Vin Scully is making his first road trip of the season and is in his 61st season with the team. It dawned on us today that the team has been around for 121 years, which means the franchise has atcually had Vin as its broadcaster for longer than it hasn't. Mindboggling.

How many people can you say have been consistent in your life, let alone consistently excellent? And consistently humble, as this LA Times profile from 1960 proves. Cheers, Vin!


Kyle Baker said...

That guy is on the clock, isn't he?

Jason said...

That's a nickname I never heard for Vin before: "The Golden Gargle"

Kyle Baker said...



Talk amongst yourselves.

ps- Since when were Dodgers fans really in love with S Elbert?

Nostradamus said...

I'm not sure that 4 top prospects for Lee is going to happen, but if that's the opening bid, I'm willing to haggle.