Tuesday, May 04, 2010

BLS Credits Ethier, May 3's Triple Crown Leader

From Yahoo! Sports' Big League Stew, appreciation for Andre "The Giant" Ethier:

1: Andre Ethier's position on the batting average, home run, and RBI leaderboards, which wins him the Triple Crown after the first month of the season. Ethier has often been overshadowed by his mates in the Dodger outfield, Manny Ramirez and 30-30 hopeful Matt Kemp, and last year, he was one of the quieter members of the 30-homer club. But this year, he appears poised to take another leap forward. And all for nearly one-quarter the price of Manny Being Manny. Not bad.

'Dre has been on fire this homestand, with four home runs in three games. Let's keep that bat fired up, Andre; we sure as heck need you.