Thursday, April 08, 2010

The San Francicso Treat

Thanks to Mr. LA Sports Fan (check out his 99 Questions, and His Swing is One) for pointing out the spelling error on Eugenio Velez's jersey. Kind of embarrassing for the Giants, but I'm sure being 3-0 eases some of the sting.

UPDATE 3.02p (SoSG Sax): Via BLS, the AP photo of Vezel:

Earlier at SoSG: Majestic Aplgizes for Jersey Errr

photo by Bob Levey/AP


Dodgerbobble said...

That's hilarious.

Fred's Brim said...

what's the big deal?

*sips on picso sour*

Fred's Brim said...

christ on a bike

over on the Dodger Thoughts site, they feed some Dodger info on the sidebar: upcoming schedule, standings, team leaders etc. For the past 3 days the Wins Leader has been the featured team leader in that section. The Dodgers' wins leader, to them, is Russ Ortiz. Somehow his 0 wins is greater than everybody else's 0 wins. If you are going to use Wins Leader as your lead stat, for chrissake, put anybody else up there, even Garret Anderson - he has just as many wins as Ortiz and comes before him alphabetically. I think some Giant fan is managing that content and is sticking it to us