Wednesday, April 07, 2010

My O-Dog Story

The Diamondbacks were visiting Dodger Stadium in June of last year, and it was one of those rare days when batting practice got rained out. The path to the indoor batting cages goes through the hallway by the Dodgers clubhouse, and Orlando Hudson's locker was across from the clubhouse door.

One of Hudson's former Diamondback teammates, who I didn't recognize, walked by the open clubhouse door on his way for some indoor BP. Hudson greeted him from inside the clubhouse and started a friendly conversation across the room, him in front of his locker and the other player standing in the hallway.

If you've heard Orlando Hudson talk, you'll understand it was mostly a one-sided conversation. At some point Hudson proudly displayed his shiny blue cleats. "See these? Custom-made by Nike. You ain't gonna find these at no Dick's."

After ascertaining his former teammate did not possess custom-made cleats of his own, Hudson bade him a cheery farewell and the player went on his way.

And now guess who's guest-starring in a Dick's Sporting Goods commercial featuring Ken Griffey Jr. and Torii Hunter? That's right, Orlando Hudson (along with Ryan Braun and Carl Crawford). You are gonna find the Nike Swingman Collection at a Dick's near you. Guess the O-Dog had an exclusive window.


BrazilianDodgerFan said...

His fake enthusiasm is so real: "YEAH Torii was out!!!!"

Kyle Baker said...