Monday, April 12, 2010

LAPD's On The Backup; Drug-Free, So Put The Crack Up

For those of you looking to "come on, swing it" at the Stadium tomorrow, partying down before Opening Day, SoSG reader Dusty Baker forwards a link from laist that says the LAPD will be on alert this year to make sure Dodger fans don't get out of hand:

But Lindsay warns things will be a little different on Tuesday. "This year we're going to take a different approach to it--we're going to start the enforcement of no drinking and parking provisions right off the bat," instead of waiting for it to get out of hand, he explained.

Officers will be stationed at the park well before 6 a.m. to make sure people don't start setting up too early--or drinking!--as the park officially opens at 5 a.m. "As you can imagine, that park space is at a premium with that many people." Otherwise, Lindsay and his officers look forward to overseeing the good-natured picnics, BBQs and mariachi bands that will overcome Elysian Park.

I am all in favor of people having a good time before Opening Day at Dodger Stadium; in fact, before any game at Dodger Stadium. But I have seen tailgaters flaunting Dodger Stadium policy, drinking so much that they're puking in the bushes hours before first pitch, with Dodger security limited to two feeble guys on segways who are about as powerful as Superman under a red sun. Couple that with a general sentiment of baseball fans getting more and more uncouth and inappropriate, and I'm thinking that extra LAPD isn't such a bad idea.

I want to have fun at the game. But I also want to make sure that my kids and friends can have fun there, too. So let's stay safe and sane out there tomorrow, okay?

Now, I need a beer.


Kyle Baker said...

Completely agree, but have to make an argument about the tyranny of the minority (those who puke in the bushes) dictating an overall policy that lets the rest of us have our respectful fun in the way Opening Day was intended (coupla dogs, coupla brews, couple hoots and hollahs to passers-by).

Prosecute the offenders, by all means. But let us sane adults have our fun.

Reminds me of two seasons ago when my boss and I went straight from work to a game. We were sitting in my Dodgermobile in the VIP parking we had lined up...both still in Brooks Bros suits/ties and drinking Sierra Nevadas. 5-0 crept on us and were actually embarrassed they had to admonish us and write us up. My boss was not amused that he lost several precious beers.

Steve Sax said...

I hope they were herringbone two-button suits.

Anyway, what happens when they write you up? $ fine? Loss of beers? Automatic first down?

Kyle Baker said...

I say old chap...they were apologetic and said basically "You aren't the hooligans we're looking for" but made us pour out beer, show ID, and toodle on into the game. Apparently you're supposed to park and immediately start walking into the stadium. They said if we didn't get into trouble the rest of the year, our names would be expunged. I felt 17 again. Wish I had had a G 'n R t-shirt and some rat weed on me just to make it feel authentic.

The funny thing was that they asked what we did for work, and after we told them we worked for LA County they asked about jobs with the County.

This was not a normal "arrest" for them.

Nostradamus said...

Point of clarification, it's not DS policy, it's a city code issue. If I'm not mistaken it was written in to the conditional use permit when the stadium was built (no banners, 56.000 capacity max, no bbq, etc.) I would cite chapter and verse, but I'm frankly too lazy to validate my sources.

I'd think that the city would jump at the chance to have a designated tailgate area to limit the patrol area, but alas, it's not. The appropriate strongly worded letters should probably be addressed to city hall, not stadium way, though.

Steve Sax said...

Mr C, good point of clarification. I should have known that if there was an option for Frankie to sell you $12 beers in the parking lot, he would have already figured that one out by now.

Josh S. said...

One more day until we find out if they cheaped out on repainting the exterior murals!

Kyle Baker said...

Last "downer" comment of the day:

I watched the game at Target Field today as I know a few others of you did on MLB.TV. I was struck by how great the amenities were in and around the stadium (they did a good job of showing these scenes since it was the virgin game for the stadium).

Now I'm the last one to bag on DS and am willing to overlook some, er, peculiarities, in the name of history and vibe. But man, therre sure were a lot of people moving about freely in a park with multiple, diverse amenities - from food to drink to restrooms to public bars/hanging out spots. I have to say I'm a little jealous. Currently the only sit down and meet a friend over a beer before or during the game kinds of places are the clubs that are reserved for the bourgeois ticket holders.

While the McCourt's expansion plans were a great idea, today, they stand as just that, an architect's rendering propped up on an easel outside some mid-level manager's office in a side corridor.

Per reporter Trenni K., they even have these installed there:

I mean, look at the wares they offer:

Steve Sax said...

dude, don't be hating the Victory Knot. At least, knot yet.

Nostradamus said...


I hear you, man. I fancy myself to be somewhat competent enough to comment (like that would stop me), given what I do every day. I look out on that ocean of asphalt and I can imagine how amazing it could be. The legacy of being planned in 1962 when everyone was drove a Oldsmobuick Dreadnought and didn't have two and a half hour commutes each just doesn't work quite the same way in the LA of today.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I do wish Dodger Stadium was facing the other direction. It'd be a great view of LA.

Nostradamus said...

@MLASF it'd be a motherfucker for the batters in a day game, though.

Kyle Baker said...

@Josh 4:55-

If this is any indication:

Eric Karros said...

I feel the vibration.

Paul said...

Wait...wasn't drinking booze in the parking lot legal for one year? If I recall 2006?

Paul said...

mayb not legal just not the Dodgers hair length policy.

Kyle Baker said...

I've been experimenting with alternate browsers to Safari on iMobileSoSGViewingDevice. Can report that the app called Vanilla Surf renders the SoSG page a little better than Safari does, e.g., it doesn't blow it up to 400X when you hit the home page. This is key.

Dusty out. List for tomorrow:


[Place to tailgate semi-legally?]

Fred's Brim said...

@Sax 3:48 PM RE "herringbone two-button suits"

was that a Coasters' Shopping for Clothes reference?

Fred's Brim said...

@DB RE amenities and freedom of movement

New Shea seems to be very similar to Target in terms of options and space and all that stuff. In my observations from several CitiField games last year, I learned that nobody actually sits in their seats and watches the games, especially in the upper deck. People are too busy wandering around looking for tacos (in more ways than one). I rarely had people around me during the games

As a fan of the Dodgers and most teams that play the Mets, I actually preferred this to being surrounded by drunken Mets fans. But I don't think it creates a good environment for the home team. I think these amenities take away from what's going on down on the field (but maybe that's the point with the Mets)

Kyle Baker said...

I know what you mean, FB. There is a balance. I have been in the unenviable position before of swilling high-end gin and tonics in the Stadium CLub bar (for medicinal purposes) and had to watch a walkoff Dodgers win from that lofty perch, which meant a light smattering of gloved applause from within the bar but one could note the frenzy of humanity going on below. I longed to be among my people and vowed not to be caught in that position again.

Still, I like the options for doing so, or at least better ways to "enjoy" the game than waiting in line for an inning an a half just to use the head.