Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hi Dodger Fans! I am Vma!

Hello Dodger Fans! I am so happy and excited to be chosen as one of the Blue Babes!

My name is Vma (pronounced like "Vmah" but without the "h"!) and I come from Sweden! I came to Los Angeles from Sweden this week to start with the Blue Babes, it is my first time in United States. I am very excited. In my country we don't have too much Base Ball, but I believe I was chosen because I have a lot of experience in cheering for sports teams - in Sweden I was part of the Sweden United football fans. So although I am still learning about this new sport, I believe I possess many transferable skills that can used to contribute to the Blue Babes!

I want to share a photo of my Sweden United team of fans:

Can you guess which one is me?!? (Hint: I am the pretty one, lol!) I will tell you which one am I soon!

Ok, that's all for now. I can't wait to start my life in America and become a Dodger Fan. It will be so much fun!!! So many new people to meet. The first one I meet is a nice man named Mitch who works at the front desk of my motel. Ok, I will go now and learn as much as I can about Base Ball and the Dodgers. Can't wait for our first match Monday!!



Orel said...

"Game," not "match"!

blorkjr said...

As a fellow swede, I can only say Hurrah! Or maybe: Hejja Sverige!

Eric Karros said...

Hi Alexander! Go Sweden!

Orel said...

Stop pandering, Vma!