Friday, April 02, 2010

Darcy R :-( :-) :-|

I'm okay. I'll be okay. Really. And I appreciate the texts, emails, tweets, fan-mail, Facebooks, IMs, and MySpace message....

Not one phone call. Not even from my Dad, Steve Garvey. But that's okay. I'm strong.

I'll be strong

I spent the evening walking around the beach. Considering things. Dark things.

When something happened to me for the first time in years. My pager buzzed. Apparently, the Blue Birds opened so many windows for my dancing, acting, and self-help career.

This Saturday, I'll be a featured dancer at the Lipschitz Bar Mitzvah.

I got an audition for "Dancing Skank #3" in something called a SyFy Original. Guess that means it's Asian or something.

And my friend Jesse finally made a move. He's just perfect.

So much better than... I forget that other guy already. Brandon something. I HATE THAT MOTHERF....

With or without the Blue Birds, this little girl will continue to fly like an easel. I love almost all of you.


Delino DeShields, Sr said...

RBNLAW - our time together will always keep me warm on the darkest of nights. Stay gold

Mr. Sankey said...

I was the AD on Dance of the Dead. Pretty fantastic to see it get a shout out (a sarcastic one, but hey) on one of my favorite websites!