Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Verducci Agrees with Dodger ASG Picks, Introduces New Name

Just who is this "Russ Martin"?

At least SI.com's Tom Verducci gave props to Brad Penny and Takashi Saito as well (what, no Peavy or Hoffman?).

C: Russ Martin, Los Angeles
Could become only the second catcher in history to steal 25 bases and drive in more than 75 runs (Ivan Rodriguez, 1999).

SP: Brad Penny, Los Angeles
Now 20-3 before the break in the past two seasons. Of course, he suffered second-half meltdown last year (6-7, 6.25) and was useless by the postseason.

RP: Takashi Saito, Los Angeles
He's having a Dennis Eckersley kind of season. Saito has walked only three batters (zero leadoff hitters, zero left-handed batters, zero on the road) and held righties to a .107 average.