Sunday, July 22, 2007

"Who's Never"

The staff at SoSG's displeasure with ESPN's braindead "Who's Now" has been sufficiently aired out.

"Who Cares?"

"Who Gives a S--T."

I've avoided this show all summer, but a severe bout of laziness kept me from reaching the remote in time. While I'm glad to know the stars of "Chuck Bangs Larry" view Derek Jeter as more relevant than Reggie Bush, I wonder what else I could have learned with those three minutes. In fact, the Boneless Teriyaki Wing KFC ad had more news value than all of Sportscenter.

So I proudly present an equally irrelevant contest for this baseball season - "Who's Never." Since rapper TI won't do my theme music, I present this song.

I'll leave it to the readers of SoSG to determine each week's winner (or every other week... or most likely, this is a one and out). Tonight, we've got one for the ages. NICK PUNTO. Currently, Mr. A Rod is likely to hit 107 RBIs by the 100th game of the season. It's taken Mr. Punto six years, two teams, and almost 500 games to reach this same plateau. Not many every day players can keep their job with a .214 average. His defense might keep the Twins bucks roaring in, but one wonders how long a sub-pitcher hitter will stay out of Rochester.

No conversation of "Who's Never" is complete without... RYAN LEAF.

Our friends at Wikipedia sum up Mr. Leaf thusly - In the third game of the season, Leaf completed one of fifteen passes for 4 yards and fumbled three times in a loss against the Kansas City Chiefs. He was benched after throwing two touchdown passes and thirteen interceptions in nine games, and replaced by quarterback Craig Whelihan. After ten games, Leaf had thrown two more interceptions, passing for a total of 1,289 yards, with a 45.3 percent completion rate and a paltry quarterback rating of 39. Along the way, he destroyed the hopes and dreams of everyone in San Diego (which I guess is a positive).

Next time on "Who's Never" - Seventh Ranked baseball dud J.D. Drew vs. Fourth Ranked XFL star "He Hate Me."


Alex Cora said...

Love it - Ryan Leaf is the clear winner.