Thursday, July 26, 2007

Math + Baseball + Rifts in the Time/Space Continuum = Happy SoSG

We Sons of Steve Garvey love math. I'm talking, 5-on-the-AP-Calculus Test love (and yes, it was Calc BC, not that wussy Calc AB test). We're scribbling equations and thema all over our windows a la John Nash as we write this blogpost. In fact, we may be some of the few who break into smiles when presented with questions like "what's the fewest number of minutes it would take for four guys to all cross a bridge, traveling no more than two people at a time, collectively wielding only one flashlight (which is required for any bridge-crossing team), assuming the guys can cross the bridge at speeds of one, two, five, and ten minutes each?" We really, really love math.

And we love baseball. This should be obvious by now.

And we love rifts in the time/space continuum. We've posted about rifts before. Twice.

So imagine our delight when we read about how Alex Rodriguez' HR Wednesday night off of Gil Meche was A-Rod's HR #499--but could also be #500:

On Friday, Rodriguez's 32nd birthday, he will be on deck when the Yankees resume a suspended game against the Orioles in the eighth inning. If he homers in the completion of the suspended game, it would count as being hit on June 28, when the contest began. That would make be home run No. 493 - and his homer off Gil Meche on Wednesday night would become No. 500.

A-Rod would surpass Jimmie Foxx (32 years, 338 days) as the youngest player to reach 500 homers and would be the 22nd to reach the mark.

How cool would that be if Meche, victim #499, suddenly became historic victim #500. I guess we'll find out tomorrow evening. I just hope it doesn't conflict with any reruns of Spike's ST:DS9, or my Tivo may explode.


Orel said...

"We Sons of Steve Garvey love math."

Speak for yourself.

Anonymous said...

19 minutes for all four?

Steve Sax said...

Anonymous: Nope. Email us with your methodology if you're stumped.