Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Game 94 Thread: July 17 vs. Phillies, 7.10p

Dodgers start Mark Hendrickson, LHP (4-4, 3.92) vs. J.D. Durbin, RHP (0-2, 13.50).

Dodgers: 53-40 (1st place NL West, 1.0 GA, W5 (longest win streak of the year))
Phillies: 46-46 (3rd place NL East, 5.0 GB, L2)

From Dodgers.com, the scouting report on the starters:

Dodgers: As a soft-tossing lefty in a Randy Johnson body, Hendrickson is not visually impressive. But he's shown his value as a swingman. He came up big in the final game of the first half with a five-inning start on three days' rest. He's been more effective as a reliever than as a starter since he joined the club a year ago, but with the injuries that have hit the rotation, the Dodgers are glad they have him.

Phillies: Charlie Manuel said Durbin is the most likely candidate to start this one, but that was before the 25-year-old's latest outing. Durbin hit a batter and walked three, including one with the bases loaded, during an inning of relief Friday against the Cardinals. The right-hander is 0-2 after four appearances with the Phillies, with a 13.50 ERA. In his only start this season, Durbin allowed six earned runs over 4 2/3 innings against the Mets. He has never faced the Dodgers.


Lurch, mlb.com is calling you a funny-looking swinger (see above). Don't take those comments lying down! Get angry! Get bitter! Get a win tonight and take the Dodgers to +14!


Steve Sax said...

KFWB now has a traffic report from the Stadium gates.

Well, at least they're trying to help.

Steve Sax said...

Great, Lurch gives up 3 runs in the first, then barely escapes a bases-loaded jam in the second. 3-0 Phils, and Lurch looks horrible.

Steve Sax said...

5-0, man on third with none out in the 4th? PULL THE LURCH!!! GET RID OF HIM!!!

Steve Sax said...

Hendrickson leaves the game with at LEAST a 18.00 game ERA.

Why are Hendrickson and Tomko determined to fight to win the award for "suckiest starting pitcher"?

Steve Sax said...

Stults comes in and promptly cedes two more runs. Can anyone get an out in the fourth inning?

8-0 Phils.

Rhonda said...

What's worse is that Ned will over-react and trade our Dodger boys.

Alex Cora said...

Wow, when we lose, we REALLY LOSE! We are like a little league team - where is the MERCY RULE!!!

Steve Sax said...

15-3. Nice showing, boys.

Let's win the day game tomorrow...