Wednesday, July 18, 2007

No McCourt to be Found in "Best Owner" Players Poll

The Angels' Arte Moreno gets mention as the #2 best owner, from a Sports Illustrated poll of MLB players.

There is no mention of Dodger owner Frank McCourt in the top nine owners. Shocking.

George Steinbrenner, Yankees.....41%
Arturo Moreno, Angels.....19%
John Henry, Red Sox.....9%
William O. DeWitt Jr., Cardinals.....4%
Mike Ilitch, Tigers.....3%
Tribune Company, Cubs.....3%
Jerry Reinsdorf, White Sox.....2%
Time Warner/Ted Turner, Braves.....2%
Fred Wilpon, Mets.....2%


Rhonda said...

Bring Peter O'Malley back!!

Anonymous said...

(shrug). He's not in the "Worst Owner" Players Poll either. :)

Steve Sax said...

TD: Yeah, I know, I manipulated the stats a bit.

I think it can fairly be interpreted that McCourt is in the group of 12 owners about which no one gives a crap.

Rob said...

Was Peter O'Malley that great, though? He never really adapted to free agency, the core of his 1977-1981 teams were inherited, and in the end he threw up his hands.

McCourt bothers me no end. He's brittle, vain, childish, and not a little dense. I've heard of worse owners, but of a major-market MLB team? Who comes before him? Tribco? Jerry Reinsdorf? Slimebag Peter Angelos?