Monday, July 30, 2007

Throw the Ball Back...Kind Of

How will Dodger fans react to Barry Bonds hitting home runs 755 and 756 (and probably 757 through 760, since Brett Tomko and Mark Hendrickson are pitching) in Los Angeles? There seem to be three schools of thought:

  • (1) loud booing, disgraceful alcohol-fueled displays (the most likely scenario)
  • (2) the Silent Treatment (which would be awesome, but good luck with that)
  • (3) Throw the Ball Back! (simultaneously awesome and stupid)

But! there's a modified version of option (3) that takes the "stupid" out, allowing some undoubtedly deserving fan to say f' you to Barry while still affording them the privilege of paying a luxury tax greater than the value of their car: Throw a DIFFERENT ball back.

Shock the announcers at ESPN, who will have probably interrupted the State of the Union address to bring us Barry Watch 2007, into thinking someone just threw away (maybe) $500,000 in order to make a statement. Then say "Just kidding!" and get Sotheby's on line one!


Wonder what the Dodgers' official stance is? Diamond Leung informs us:

"Our plan in the event of a home run is to acknowledge the home run's significance on DodgerVision and allow Barry to tip his cap and be acknowledged by the crowd." - Dodgers spokesman Josh Rawitch on the Dodgers' plans for if Bonds hits 755 and 756.


Rob said...

As Helen is fond of pointing out, if they're smart, it will be "Throw A Ball Out", as the smart ballhawk will be happy to sell the actual ball at auction for well into six figures. Bringing a throwback ball is apparently common practice in the Wrigley outfield bleacher seats.

Orel said...

I can just see it now, 600 balls are thrown from the bleachers. It'll be just like that game we forfeited (1995, according to Dodger Blues).

Alex Cora said...

I say donate it to the Hall of Fame - it is the only way you are going to get your name in there anyways.

Steve Sax said...

Orel: How about EVERYONE throw a ball back from the bleachers. That would be hilarious.

Steve Sax said...

"Acknowledge the home run's significanceon DiamondVision"? We should throw balls at the diamondvision scoreboard, then (which technically should not get us thrown out unless it ricochets onto the field).