Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oh! I Thought You Said "Boinks Pour Le Russell"

Via Deadspin, Us Magazine is reporting that Dodger blogger Alyssa Milano is now chasing Dodger catcher Russell Martin as her next conquest on her long list of baseball players. And Russell isn't letting a ten-year age difference get in the way, Mrs. Robinson:

TV-star Alyssa Milano is looking to catch an all-star: Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Russell Martin.

The Charmed actress, 34, flirted with Martin, 24, at the all-star game on July 11, and was overheard telling a friend she thought the catcher was cute. In a blog entry about the meeting, Milano sarcastically wrote:

"Okay, yeah, so I finally met Russell Martin. No big deal. And yeah, I was cool. Yup. And I didn’t have sweaty palms. Nope. I didn’t get star struck. Nope. I wasn’t even weak in the knees. Nope. My upper lip did NOT start sweating nor did I get blotchy and break out in hives. Phew. Thank God not one of those embarrassing things happened. I was cool as a cucumber. No big deal."

This weekend, Milano, who has been previously linked to pitchers Barry Zito, Carl Pavano and Brad Penny, played it cool in her dugout seats as the Dodgers hosted the New York Mets, but an eyewitness tells Usmagazine.com "she was smiling a lot." Meanwhile Martin is said to have rushed off the diamond after the game to text Milano in the stands.

Wow, is that the kind of action to which Dodger bloggers can aspire? Maybe that's the equivalent of a Son of Steve Garvey flirting with Jenni Finch? Gotta keep blogging then.

photos: LAN /Retna Ltd.; John Medina/WireImage.com


Orel said...

Hmmm. At least she dresses better than Russell.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Russell been in an offensive slump since the All-Star Break? Coincidence???

Orel said...

Delilah alert!

John G said...

Does Russle still live at Brad Pennys place? That could get intresting...

Steve Sax said...

I suppose it's not "Boinks Poor Le Russell", either. My heart is not bleeding for this guy.