Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Documentary More Tragic than SICKO

Now playing on one of the 30 HBOs - "Brooklyn Dodgers - The Ghosts of Flatbush." AKA "The Reason Baseball was NEVER talked about in the Delino House." It's a very informative movie, focused on the non-stop frustrations endured by everything the Brooklyn Dodgers touched... all of which quickly dissipated the second they got to Los Angeles. The film's tone manages to be both bittersweet and House of Sand and Fog level depressing, mixing interviews, clips, and historical facts (apparently, it was tough for Jackie Robinson... who knew?). I've called my assorted Brooklyn relatives about it, only to hear dead silence as a response, followed by rage. Watching the movie, one can actually witness the birth of New York's hatred of Los Angeles, and why Jerry's Famous Deli charges an arm and a nut.