Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hendrickson, The Immortal

Truebluela just posted the funniest Mark Hendrickson post I'd seen in a while (and there are many candidates). Bravo, Andrew, and thanks for the research (and fine writeup):

After going 0 for 2 yesterday, Mark Hendrickson is now 0 for 40 at the plate as a Dodger. With those two outs, Hendrickson is on his way to making history.

Hendrickson is now only one out away for tying the NL record for "most at bats on a team without ever getting a hit". The current leader is Randy Tate, who went 0 for 41 during his tenure with the Mets.

The major league record is a bit further away, but still reachable. Hendrickson can become number two all time if he goes 0 for 42 and matches Ed Rakow's batting record with the Tigers. The All Time record is held by Karl Drews who went an incredible 0 for 54 for the St. Louis Browns from 1948-1949.

If Hendrickson makes six or seven more starts, and flails away each time, he could be the all time leader in a non-height based stat. Since I believe that our God is a fair and just one, we'll then never see Mark Hendrickson again. I may hate Hendrickson with the fire of a thousand suns, but denying him his chance at history would simply be cruel.

Knowing Lurch's luck, he will get one more AB in his next start, then get walked once and hit once before leaving the game, and then get traded to the Blue Jays.


Orel said...

There can be only one!