Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How Many Dodgers Can You Fit on the Red Sox?

JD Drew, Julio Lugo,... and now Eric Gagne?

The Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers have agreed in principle to a trade involving Eric Gagne, and the Red Sox are now negotiating with the former Cy Young winner to get him to accept the trade.

The Rangers are set to receive prospects in the deal. Boston is not on Gagne's approved list of 12 teams to which he can be traded.

After missing much of the past two years with injuries, Gagne has returned to form this season, with 16 saves in 17 chances and a 2.16 ERA.

By the way, fitting Gagne on the team is no small feat. He looks like he's picked up a couple of stones eating good Texan food...


Eric Karros said...

Imagine a Red Sox - Mets World Series. It's easy if you try.