Tuesday, July 17, 2007

If James Loney Or Matt Kemp Is Traded to KC, I Will Kill This Dog

The Kansas City Star reports that the Dodgers are "the most serious party" in negotiations for Octavio Dotel. The price for Dotel, who is a free agent next year? Only Matt Kemp or James Loney.

The Dodgers are looking to bolster an already strong bullpen and, presumably, would use Dotel as a setup reliever for All-Star closer Takashi Saito.

Dotel, 33, would also provide the Dodgers with a veteran backup for Saito, who has blown his last two save opportunities after converting 23 of his first 24.

Multiple sources confirm the Dodgers’ interest in Dotel, but they are balking at the Royals’ initial asking price — believed to be a young, established position player such as outfielder Matt Kemp or first baseman James Loney.

The Dodgers are unlikely to part with either for a short-term rental like Dotel, who can become a free agent after the season. It is because of his pending free-agency that the Royals are seeking to trade him to one of several contenders seeking bullpen help.

Dotel is 2-1 with a 3.32 ERA and nine saves in 12 opportunities in 20 games since returning May 22 from the disabled list.

I am "considering the source" for the Kansas City newspaper and hoping that this is nothing but a ridiculous rumor. I like dogs. I like this dog. I don't want to see the pups, Matt Kemp and James Loney, get traded to the Royals.

Don't make me do something rash, Neddie.


Rhonda said...

You wouldn't hurt your cute doggie. Just throw all of your china against the wall. Hell is going to be paid if these babies are traded!!

Steve Sax said...

Okay, you're right. I wouldn't hurt the dog. But don't tell Neddie that.

Rob said...

What a cute widdle guy!

Steve Sax said...

You know, given recent news re: Michael Vick, this is a pretty uncool post of mine.

Seriously, I apologize. Bad idea.