Monday, July 02, 2007

Boffo vs. Da' Bums: The Return!

After countless letters and one Amber alert, the Delino and Boffo vs Da Bums returns. I hope you were able to lead healthy, productive lives without it. I was busy eating every black and white cookie in New York, turning one year older, and coming up with ways for the Howard Stern show to use their newest angry dwarf (all three are true).

June 15-17. The Fantastic Four is the porn of comic franchises - it's made millions, but nobody you know admits to watching it. Jessica Alba's curves and dialogue handicap easily clobbered the Dodgers, who learned that six total runs over a weekend is not enough to beat the Angels or the Silver Surfer.

June 22-24. Evan Almighty became one of the first films to make $30 million in three days and still have execs head for the hills. Apparently, a $175 million budget buys zebras but not jokes. The Dodgers plated nine more runs than the previous weekend, enough to drown Noah, but not the Devil Rays.

June 29 - July 1. Ma Delino recently summed up the success of Ratatouille with the brilliant observation - "That Mighty Mouse was very popular." Though I'm more partial to the lesser known cartoon Danger Mouse, I root for any movie featuring a Rat contaminating the French. A $47 million weekend might not spell megabucks for Pixar, but it gave them just enough dough to beat the Dodgers. The Box Office is currently leading the Dodgers 6 - 3, with Starscream, Megatron, and (hopefully) the Dinobots looming this weekend. The dog days of August can't come soon enough.

Weekend Top movie Wkend gross ($MM) Dodgers’ runs scored Runs x 3.5 multiplier Wkend winner
May 4-6 SpiderMan3 $148.0 0,4,6 (10) $35.5 Spidey
May 11-13 SpiderMan3 $60 2,7,10 (19) $66.5 DODGERS
May 18-20 Shrek3 $122 1,2,1 (4) $14 Shrek
May 25* Pirates3 *$43 9,2,2(13) $45.5 DODGERS
June1-3 Pirates3 $43 5,1,5(11) $39.5 Pirates
June8-10 Oceans13 $36 4,0,5(9) $31.5 Oceans
June15-17 Fantastic4 $54 2,0,4(6) $21 Fantastic
June22-24 Evan Almighty $31 6,3,4(13) $45.5 DODGERS
6/29 - 7/1 Ratatouille $47 6,1,5(12) $42 Rat