Monday, July 23, 2007

AvB 15: No Excuses

Coaching greatness has always been defined by the ability to make adjustments. Whether it's Bill Belichick adjusting his QB protection schemes, Mike Krzyzewski adjusting his defensive coverages, or Jim Tracy adjusting his package, the great ones know how to right a lilting ship. And with the Abes' ship lilting big-time, it's time to make an adjustment.

First, Week 15 results (stats include the post ASG half-week):

Week 15 Only:
The Abes The Babes
Avg 0.263 0.245
Runs 24 36
HRs 6 7
RBIs 32 16
SBs 0 11
ERA 3.55 3.15
Wins 3 6
Saves 0 0
Ks 29 59
Total 2 6
AB's 236 216
IP's 71.1 33
The Babes Lead the Abes 11-2-2

Another Abes beating at the hands of the Babes and Player of the Week Freddy Sanchez (3HR's and 9 runs scored). But a closer look at the AB and IP stats included above reveals a big reason why. While the Abes have a slight advantage in AB's, the Babes have had more than twice as many IPs than the Abes.

Not to make any excuses for the Abes, but unlike regular fantasy leagues which allow only one player from each position to accumulate stats, in Abes vs Babes all stats from all players are counted. With 7 of the 9 categories being 'counting' stats, the Babes have just had more opportunities to put up stats. So from next week onward, all counting stats will be normalized by the number of AB's or IP's by each team. Hey, nobody said AvB would nail it right out of the gate...


Orel said...

Nice Roselyn Sanchez picture. Still trying to figure out the Gary Hart reference....

Steve Sax said...

I'm still trying to see who gets the first save.

Eric Karros said...

It's more a Donna Rice reference than Gary Hart...