Saturday, July 07, 2007

Post-Game 87 Thread: Dodgers Announce New "Game Over" Campaign (Marlins 6, Dodgers 5 (10))

Despite the success of and fan appreciation for Dodger closer Takashi Saito (who blew the save in last night's game), there is a new Brett Tomko "Game Over" campaign being heralded by the Dodgers, following last night's meltdown in extras.

The Dodgers now have lost the game in 15 of the last 19 games in which Brett Tomko has appeared, including four games when Tomko himself took the loss. Tomko, 1-7 on the year, has not had a win since his only win, May 9 in Florida. His ERA has ballooned to 6.18, closing in on his season high of 6.28 back in May, which would be his worst season ever by far. It is "Game Over" indeed when Tomko takes the mound.

I know Grady doesn't have a lot of pitching options, but bringing in Tomko yesterday was tantamount to having all of the infield drop their gloves and lube up their hands with Astroglide. Instead, it was Dodger starter Chad Billingsley who took the lube as he was denied the opportunity for a win, and then the rest of the team (and Dodger fans) when Tomko stepped on the field. Little has said to the press that Tomko is not mentally in a good state right now. I don't think he's getting back to good anytime soon, at this pace. Give him a two-week rest, Grady, and put him in on mop-up time only for now.

Dodgers drop to +9 over .500 and miss yet another chance to slide into first place. [Insert second lube joke here.]

Apologies to Eric Gagne for keeping his mug in the background of the photo. Honestly, my photoshop skills suck, and I'm lazy.


Orel said...

Nice product placement. Expect a case of Astroglide to be delivered to your doorstep soon.

cigarcow said...

Haha! This one made me chuckle aloud. PS, I won 50 bucks betting Pierre would pop up to end the game.

Orel said...

You could make a living doing that.