Saturday, July 07, 2007

At-Game Recap: July 5 vs. Braves

Best seats ever.

First pitch.

Freed James Loney!

"Which Dodger holds the team record for most RBI in the month of July? 1) Tommy Davis, 2) Eric Karros, 3) Ron Fairly, 4) Time for a new camera."

That's Eliza Dushku. She follows us everywhere.

Dear Kid Sitting in Front of Us:
These are $70 tickets some people would die to get their hands on. STOP PLAYING BUBBLE BOBBLE AND WATCH THE GAME, YOU UNAPPRECIATIVE BRAT!

Seventh inning stretch. We love ya, Vin!


Sax-C and I met some old friends for great seats, great eats and, oh yeah, another crushing defeat. But did I mention the seats were great?


  • 1 wins the hat shuffle.
  • Coca Cola Trivia contestant answers...correctly!
  • White wins the dot race.
  • The reason our beer consumption is far outpacing Dodger Dog intake (see sidebar) is because at $4.75 (I think) for a Dodger Dog versus $6.50 for a brat, the brats have been winning out. The Louisiana bratwurst was a little dry on the outside but juicy and spicy inside. Mmmm...bratwurst.
  • Parking was circuitous but we never got stuck in a jam. Maybe the kinks are being worked out?


Eric Karros said...

If Kobayashi ever joins SoSG, it's game over for the beer.

Steve Sax said...

Ooh, good point. I'd better get cracking on the beer, pronto.

Steve Sax said...

By the way, EK, if we suddenly draft an eighth Son with the handle "Hideo Nomo," you'll know what's going on. I'd keep a close eye on the sidebar tallies.

Anonymous said...

how is it that the "first pitch of the game" photo has a braves runner on second??

Steve Sax said...

The Dodgers spotted the Braves runners in the first inning. The move was inspired by the omnipresent "The Sandlot 2: Heading Home" DVD commercials.

Anonymous said...

You got any more shots of Ms Dushku? /drools

Falling LEAVes said...

Ugh. I once sat in the field level seats by the foul post. And this girl was sitting in my line of view of the game, but she wasn't actually sitting in her seat. She was sitting on that little table they provide for them! I told my friend, "I bet whoever paid for her tickets didn't expect to pay that much money for her to NOT sit in the seat"