Monday, July 23, 2007

And If Woody Had Gone to the Police, This Would Never Have Happened

Buried in the latest Barry Bonds steroids and tax evasion debacle stories was this great quote from Bonds mistress Kimberly Bell, who at 37 will be the centerpiece of an article discussing her relationship with Bonds in the November issue of Playboy. Those readers excited to see a 37 year old in Playboy will also be delighted to see her accompanying nude pictorial.

But wait, here's that great quote:

Bell said the photo shoot boosted her confidence. She declined to say how much Playboy was paying her.

"If I had more self-esteem when I was younger," she said, "I wouldn't have been caught up with such a rotten man."

You know, if Barry had a little less self-esteem, his head might not have grown to Andre the Giant-like disproportions. (And if he took a little less of that cream and clear stuff, too.)


Orel said...

I'm not even sure what that headline refers to. But it makes me laugh nonetheless.

Steve Sax said...

Alex Cora, you want to explain the reference to Orel?

Alex Cora said...

From Woody Woodpecker - goto

about 2/3rds down, someone asks the same question..

Which cartoon featured the line: "If Woody had gone straight to the police, this would never have happened!"?

The cartoon was called "Bunco Busters" (1955). Directed by Paul J. Smith.

Alex Cora said...

When sax is not watching baseball, he watches cartoons.

Steve Sax said...

AC, when I watch things like Matt Kemp dropping fly balls to lose the game against the Mets, I feel like I'm watching baseball AND cartoons.

And if Matt Kemp had been wearing sunglasses, this would never have happened.

Steve Sax said... also has some info, though it doesn't explicitly list the famous line.