Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Poll: What's in a Name?, Part II

If you missed the original Dodger Anagram Poll, you can still cast your vote. If you've been counting the days 'til the next one, well, you should be at about 34 by now.

But reset the counter, because Part II has arrived:

Which is your favorite anagram?
Milton Bradley = Notably Milder
Then again, nobody's thrown a water bottle at him lately.
Eric Gagne = Ginger Ace
175 saves, 1 Cy Young, and 2,483 trips to the DL in 9 year career.
Mike Scoscia = Ciao! Kiss Mice
Defects to Disney, wins World Series. Bastard.
Sons of Garvey = Vegans for Soy!
So that's the reason beer leads Dodger Dogs 33-8.
Lindsay Lohan = Lady Sin, An%l Ho
Back on the booze, back in the news. Couldn't leave her out.
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Steve Sax said...

"That's Lindsay, with a capital '%'."

laobserved.com has the booking photo from this morning. Yikes.

Orel said...

Vegans for Soy! That should strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.

Eric Karros said...

Sax, I had to censor as this is a family site...plus her middle initial wasn't 'a' (yes, I did the research)

Orel said...

This is a family site?

Steve Sax said...

EK, I love the wordplay. Keep it up, I'm down with it.

And btw, thx for not getting our blog pulled for objectionable content.