Friday, July 27, 2007

Game 104 Thread: July 27 @ Rockies, 6.05p

Dodgers start Brett Tomko, RHP (2-7, 5.42) vs. Josh Fogg, RHP (5-6, 4.84).

Dodgers: 57-46 (1st place NL West, 1.5 GA, W1)
Rockies: 51-51 (4th place NL West, 5.5 GB, L1)

From, the scouting report on the starters:

Dodgers: Tomko has stepped up twice with the staff under siege, allowing one earned run in five innings to the Giants, then no earned runs in six innings to the Mets while filling in for the injured Randy Wolf. He took a cut fastball out of mothballs, and it has made a huge difference in Tomko's ability to keep hitters off balance and induce ground balls.

Rockies: Fogg pitched six scoreless innings last Sunday, but did not get a decision as Colorado was blanked by the Nationals. He struck out one batter and walked three, and said that he was able to get outs in key situations. Fogg thew only 79 pitches because of a pinch-hitting situation that arose and looked fresh down to his last outs.

From Inside the Dodgers, the lineup:

Furcal, SS
Pierre, CF
Loney, 1B
Kent, 2B (five career homers off Fogg, tied for his most against any pitcher)
Gonzo, LF
Nomar, 3B
Ethier, RF
Lieberthal, C
Tomko, P

UPDATE, 6.14p:

Diamond Leung reports an official 45-minute rain delay.

UPDATE, 7.23p:

From AP/

DENVER (AP) -- The game between the Colorado Rockies and the Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday night was postponed due to weather.

It will be made up when the Dodgers return to Coors Field in September. The exact date is still to be determined.

The two teams play a three-game series Sept. 18-20. Both teams have an off day on Sept. 17.

The pitching staff rejoices!


Orel said...

boo hiss

Damon said...

fucking rain

Alex Cora said...

Maybe it will give Penny and Lowe some needed rest.

Steve Sax said...

Wow, I had $5,000 on Tomko pitching a no-hitter tonight. Oh, well.

Orel said...

Technically don't you win $5,000?

Steve Sax said...

Ooh, good point Orel. I'll bring that up to the sportsbook attendant.

Hey damon, you gotta calm down the cursing. This is a family site (that is, for families who appreciate puerile humor with their Dodgers news).