Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Steve Garvey Trivia

A post from afar from our very own Steve Sax:

According to the print edition of USA Today today:

The last write-in candidate to make the starting [All-Star Game] lineup was Steve Garvey in 1974.

The USA Today article listed a number of players, including Curtis Granderson, Mike Piazza, Jim Thome, and Frank Thomas, as having been left off the ballot this year. Most of this is due to the fact that the 2007 game, held in San Francisco, will not have a DH.

Granderson was left off since Gary Sheffield was listed as a Tigers outfielder. The Red Sox made a similar move to accommodate David Ortiz; "Big Papi" surprisingly only knocked one player, Kevin Youkilis, off the ballot rather than affecting two or three slots.


Eric Karros said...

I heard somewhere there have only been two write-in All-Star starters ever. Don't know who the other one is - did the article say or does anyone know?

Steve Sax said...

The article didn't say, eric, but I don't think it was either you or me. Maybe it was alex cora?

Rhonda said...

EK and saxie,

It was Rico Carty in 1970.

Steve Sax said...

Rico? Suave!

Thanks FB, you're right.